Custom Diapers


About Borealis Britches

Borealis Britches began when I was seriously considering cloth diapering for my son. The only thing that gave him relief from a rash was putting a silk liner in his disposable diaper to help his skin heal. A friend mentioned that if I was putting liners in those diapers, I should consider cloth diapering. After taking a look at a friend's diaper stash and visiting the local cloth diaper store with another cloth diapering mom, I decided to go for it. I purchased a pre-fold cloth diaper kit and a few accessories and found myself immersed in the cloth diaper world. It took a little while to get my laundering system perfected but once that was done I was thoroughly enjoying the cloth diapering. My son's skin acclimated to the cotton and the rash was gone. I didn't have to make trips to the store just to get diapers. I wasn't throwing away money with every diaper change... I was saving money!

I began increasing my diaper stash by learning how to sew the diapers myself. I enjoyed choosing the fabrics. The colors brightened my diaper routine. Even with the nastiest diaper, at least I had some "color therapy" to help me through it. I also enjoyed actually sewing the diapers. In fact, I can't stop making them! That's how Borealis Britches was born.

Borealis Britches is a work-at-home mom endeavor. I make the diapers when I have the time to do so (typically after the kids have gone to bed). I use the diapers I make for my son, and I'd love to make diapers for your little one as well!